When you speak of fabric car upholstery, it is a fact that it serves for an undeniably beautiful inside view of your car. However,remember that it is extremely easy for fabric car upholstery to tarnish . Regardless of whether it is a stain from your morning coffee or a crayon stain, your fabric car upholstery needs care, with vigilance, if the inside of your car is to continuously give a spotless view.

However, there can be such times when you end up spoiling your upholstery, regardless of all of the care and precautions you might exercise. Bearing that in mind, here are some of the methods that you can use as a guide to cleaning car upholstery in the best possible way:

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing that you need to do, before getting up close and personal with your seats, is to use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all kinds of dirt, dust and debris inside your car. The vacuum is supposed to not only be used on the seats but on the rest of the car’s interior as well.

The Cleaning Job

Once you are done with your cleaning round with the vacuum cleaner. It is time for you to get to work on really cleaning car upholstery. For this purpose, you will need to fill one bucket with hot water and one bucket with cold water. The cleaning job takes place mainly with hot water. While the cold water gives the finishing touch. Add a scoop of laundry detergent into your bucket of hot water. This solution serves as the upholstery cleaner for your car.

Take a sponge or rag and dip it into the solution that you have just made. It is advisable for you to use a sponge, since it will not only make the job more effective, but quicker as well. With the sponge, you scrub each and every individual seat thoroughly. So that all of the stains plaguing your seats are taken care of.

When cleaning your seats with a wet sponge, it is easy to go overboard and lose your way. What this means is that it is important to not get your seats too wet. Or else you will end up doing more harm to them than good. Your seats are supposed to look evenly moist and cleaned. If they don’t then keep repeating the job until they do. Once the cleaning job with the hot water is complete. It is now time for you to make use of that bucket of cold water that has been lying on the side. Dip a rag into the cold water and use it for scrubbing off all of the dirt and detergent that might still be on the surface of your car upholstery. This will serve to cleaning car upholstery in the manner that it deserves cleaning.

The Tough Stains

When you are speaking of cleaning car upholstery, especially the kind that of fabric. Note that there are certain stains that you will be unable to get rid of. What this means is that you will need to make use of the various cleaning products that are available in the market, precisely for this purpose.

However, when it comes to the usage of these cleaning products, the results cannot be predicted. What this means is that the cleaning products can leave you ecstatic by taking care of the stain scourging your upholstery. Or they can leave you in dismay by bestowing your seats with an even bigger stain. This is the reason why experts suggest that car owners test their cleaning products on a small, unimportant area of their car upholstery, so that they know if the results are satisfactory or not. Remember: the purpose of cleaning products is to help you out and not make things worse!

The Power of WD-40

A Guide to Cleaning Car Upholstery

Credits to WD-40

Bearing the problem with commercial cleaners in mind, it is essential to note that WD-40 is an exception. WD-40 offers car owners the opportunity to take care of some stains on their car upholstery and carpets.