Eid is going to be different this year with the ongoing lockdown situation. We are sure many of you are thinking on how to spend this time cooped up in your home. Well we have a wonderful idea to use this time effectively. You can even involve your kids with you. Sounds too good to be true! How about arranging a car wash by hand? We know you can get you car washed at a facility too but will they show the same love & care that you will? We don’t think so and you will agree with us.

Now, the task may seem daunting at first but with the right tools and strategy, you will get it done in no time. Not only this, but you will thoroughly enjoy doing it as well. Cars need to be cleaned regularly to remove the dirt and grime that tends to stick on it. It causes the car to corrode quicker. Plus, a clean car looks great!

Here is a step by step guide to help you wash your car with ease:

1- Preparation

Preparation is key to any process. In order to prepare for your car wash session, you need to take note of the following things:

  • Wear suitable clothing as you will likely get wet and soapy!
  • Make sure that the car is parked under shade before you begin washing it. Direct sunlight will cause premature drying that can leave marks on the paint. Besides this, the scorching heat will cause the water to evaporate quickly than you want it to!
  • Check all the doors & windows of the car have been secured properly before you begin, you don’t water getting inside the car and messing things up.
  • Last but not the least pull the windshield wipers away from the glass.

2- Organize tools for car wash

Always organize the tools required for the task at hand so that you don’t have to go looking for them when you’re in the middle of an important step. To wash your car, you will need a hose, bucket, sponge or cleaning mitts, cleaning brush, microfiber towel, cleaning detergents, WD-40 MUP.

You need a good supply of water for washing your car, though it also depends on the size of the vehicle and how dirty it is. Still, if you are working with a limited supply, be smart with your usage and you can get the task done. Use sponges to clean the overall exterior and the brush to scrub your tires. Microfiber cloths or towels are useful in drying the car. You can purchase car wash detergent from local stores and follow the manufacturers recommendation when mixing with the water.

3- Pre-rinse your car

This step is important as it will help remove loose dirt, road grime, road salts, bird droppings and bug splatters. You can use pre-wash available in stores or WD-40 Multipurpose product for this step. No matter what chemical you opt for, make sure that you leave it on for few minutes and then use sponge or cleaning mitts to remove the dirt, grime & dropping accumulation. WD-40 also helps in removing stickers from glass.

4- Clean the wheels

The wheels tend to be the dirtiest part of the car and will probably require the most effort too. Use a brush appropriate for cleaning them along with a generous amount of cleaner.  After they have been scrubbed clean, you can use a sponge or cleaning mitt to wash off the excess detergent with water.

Step by Step Guide - How to Wash Your Car by Hand?

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5- Car wash

Now comes the fun part. Prepare a soapy mixture and use either a cleaning mitt or sponge to scrub the surface of the car. Pay extra attention to areas that are dirtier to ensure you have a clean car. Do not use a brush on the car as it can cause scratches.

Step by Step Guide - How to Wash Your Car by Hand?

Source @Freepik

After the car is cleaned, rinse thoroughly to remove the detergent. Then repeat the process if necessary. A pro tip is to keep the whole car wet if you can. Assign a kid to pour in soapy water. Because if areas start to dry, it can leave water marks making it more difficult to polish.

6- Dry the car

Step by Step Guide - How to Wash Your Car by Hand?

Source @Freepik

Microfiber towels are great for drying, as they absorb the water well. You may need a few towels to fully wipe down the car. Make sure that the car has been dried properly or it can cause rust. Once your car is dry, use car wax to give it a polish. Use WD-40 Multi-Use-Product to lubricate and protect parts that can rust over time. You can also use WD-40 to buff out scuffmarks and faint scratches. Check out our guide on removing scratches from car.