The holy month of Ramzan is just around the corner. We all are busy preparing for it in our own ways. Be it prepping food items or getting the necessary grocery trips done. Similarly, there are certain things that we need to check and prep in our homes so that we can focus on our prayers during Ramzan. We have created a small checklist for you which will help you to prepare your home for Ramzan with WD-40.

1- Thorough Cleaning of Homes

A clean and organized home will allow you to focus on your prayers better. Therefore, we suggest beginning your preparation regime with cleaning. Firstly identify all the areas in your home that are not part of your daily cleaning routine. For example, windows, ceilings, fans, etc. These areas tend to accumulate dirt and debris which become solid gunk and difficult to clean.  Use WD-40 on window sills and remove the gunk stuck in between crevices.

Apart from this make notes of all the stains that needed extra effort and care. We will help you take care of them in no time and with minimal effort. Be it stains on the wall or on the carpet, you need to tackle them one by one using WD-40 and a cleaning rag. You will be surprised to see the results as your walls and surfaces become squeaky clean without any signs of those unwanted stains.

2- Thorough Cleaning of Bathrooms

With the ongoing hot weather in Pakistan and in Ramzan too, bathrooms are frequently used for showers and baths. This means accumulation of soap scum on mirrors and faucets, rust marks created by water buckets, and grime accumulation in the tile grout.

All of this can be done with a can of WD-40. Take a clean piece of cloth, spray some WD-40 and get rid of unwanted soap scum from mirrors and faucets. You can also remove water marks from mirrors easily using WD-40. Be sure to take note of the basic do’s and don’ts of mirror cleaning, so that you are able to finish this task efficiently.

For scruff marks and rust marks, pour some WD-40 on the area and let it sit for some time. Then using a floor brush and some water, clean off the mess without any hassle. Tile grouting can be cleaned in a similar way.

3- DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioners are probably the most neglected appliance when it comes to maintenance. But with the onset of heat waves, it is probably the best time to give the AC’s in your homes a thorough once over. So that they don’t both you during Ramzan. Because it will definitely be a hassle getting repair and maintenance work done while everybody is busy with praying and fasting.

With a few tools and the right strategy, you will be able to service your AC in no time. Follow the steps given below carefully:

  • Check the condensate line to see water flow. It is easier to do it, if you collect water in a bottle or bucket. Keep an eye on the water level to see if there is a decrease in the water output. If the water level looks to be on the lower side despite heavy consumption, it means there is a problem.


  • For indoor units, check the filters and clean them up. First dust them off using a spare tooth brush, then wash them under the tap. Dirty filters make the ACs do more work.
Prepare your home for Ramzan with WD-40

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  • In order to clean the outdoor units, you need to unscrew the casing and then use a blower to get rid of dirt and debris. A dirty system has more risk of breaking down while running and also consumes more energy due to being inefficient. Check out this video of dismantling and cleaning AC and get started right away.

4- Thorough Cleaning of Kitchen

Kitchens accumulate grease, grime and dirt and require deep and thorough cleaning. Ramzan will be filled with frying frozen premade items during suhoor and iftar. Therefore, we suggest to give your kitchen a nice cleaning and get rid of existing grease and grime accumulations. Focus on problem areas such as behind the stoves, cabinets and counter tops. WD-40 Fast Acting Degreaser will come super handy in terms of thoroughly cleaning your kitchen.

5- Sorting out drainage problems

Washing dishes with your eyes half closed during suhoor results in pouring unwanted oily or greasy substances in the kitchen drain. It becomes a nightmare when the drain refuses to take the load and starts to overflow. Finding a sweeper and getting him to come to your house is a real herculean task. It becomes ten times more difficult during Ramzan with your half-fuzzy brain and hot weather.

In order to avoid this, all you need to do is give them a clean up too. Use hot water and drain cleaning chemicals to assist you. These will clear the drains and you will be trouble free during Ramzan.

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