Does your morning routing get interrupted by the water marks on your mirror? Do you want to learn how to get a streak free bathroom mirror? Well, we bring you a bunch of simple yet effective tips and tricks that will help you in water spots removal from your mirrors in no time.

Bathroom Mirrors tend to acquire water spots as water droplets from the sink stray and accumulate on them easily.  Major cities in our country receive ground water which tends to be hard water. Hard water spots are difficult to remove. Cleaning water marks every time somebody uses the sink is not practical. Therefore, you need DIY hacks which make removing these water spots hassle-fee.

Ways of Water Spots Removal from Mirrors

1- Using White Vinegar & Water Solutions

Follow the steps given below and make your mirrors as good as new.

Step 1: The 1st step is to prepare a solution using white vinegar and water. Take both in equal quantities. A pro tip is to use water with the least amount of minerals like distilled water.

Step 2: Now take a microfiber towel and soak it into the mixture. Wipe the spots away. Soak the towel again if you feel it is drying out.

Step 3:  Press the towel for a bit longer on problem areas where the spots appear to be stubborn. You can even drape the towel on the mirror until the spots disappear.

Simple & Actionable Tips for Water Spots Removal from Mirrors

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If you’re wondering how a simple mixture of vinegar and water helps remove these spots. Let us explain it. The acidity of the vinegar helps to dissolve the minerals present in these hard water spots, softening them enough to make their removal easy.

If you do not want to go through the above procedures, you can use WD-40 as it effectively removes water marks from mirrors. It is an effective spray for mirror cleaning and water spot removal and will make it look as good as new.

2- Using WD-40 for water spots removal from mirrors:

If you love doing DIY hacks to solve household cleaning problems than you must be having a bottle of WD-40. Besides being an amazing rust remover, it also helps in mirror cleaning and water spot removal. Not only this, but it is super easy to use. Simply spray the liquid on the problem areas of your mirrors and wipe it away with a clean microfiber cloth.

The chemicals present in WD-40 react with the minerals in water and loosen their bonds. This helps in easy & quick removal of water spots.

3- Pure White Vinegar:

This is also a tried and tested tip to remove water deposit from mirror surfaces. Instead of making a solution, simply use pure white vinegar on a cleaning cloth/towel. Clean away those stubborn water stains without any problem. Don’t forget to protect your hands with rubber gloves as pure vinegar is acidic and may cause burning/damage to the skin of your hands.

4- Using Lemon Juice:

Simple & Actionable Tips for Water Spots Removal from Mirrors

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Any cleaning agent that helps to break the minerals found in water can serve to remove water marks. This is the reason that lemon juice also comes in handy. Because of its acidic nature, it helps in water spot removal. We recommend diluting the juice with some water as the acidic content of pure lemon juice is quite high. After cleaning with lemon juice, wipe the mirror’s surface with a dry cloth to get a smooth finish.

5- Using paste of Baking Soda & Water:

Besides being a staple ingredient in baked goods, baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent. Make a past using water and some baking soda. Apply this on the mirror and leave it for about half an hour. Then wipe it using a wet towel and rinse thoroughly. Now use a dry cloth to wipe down as a final step. Your mirror will be looking squeaky clean and as good as new.

6- Using Ammonia:

Ammonia also works great for water spot removal from mirrors. All you need is a mixture of ammonia and water. The process remains the same. Soak your cleaning cloth into this solution and wipe those stubborn marks away. Ammonia can cause serious injuries if it comes in contact. Therefore, don’t forget to wear gloves while using it.

7- Rubbing Alcohol:

Isopropyl Alcohol or rubbing alcohol also helps in getting rid of water deposits on mirrors. Prepare a diluted solution of rubbing alcohol. Use one part of alcohol and four parts of water. This solution works if you have new or light water spots. As we have found it to be ineffective while removing older water stains.

8- Powdered Dish Washing Agent:

This is a cheap yet very effective cleaning agent. Powdered dish washers are often used in homes. Make a mixture using some powder and some water. Spray it on the mirror and wipe away using a microfiber cloth. Voila! It works like magic on getting rid of water spots from mirrors.

We have shared all the tips and tricks that we have found to be effective in dealing with water spots on mirrors. Do check out our blog on the do’s and don’ts of mirror cleaning to ace this task. If you happen to know of any other DIY hack, feel free to comment below.