People who work in the admin department are well aware of the eye rolls & eyebrow raises that occur when something breaks down or is not working at the office. Employees are annoyed to see their requests ignored. Bosses are upset because you’re not able to do your job. What if we told you that you can tackle a lot of daily problems with WD-40? Find it hard to believe. There are many WD-40 uses at the workplace, owing to its range of versatile and convenient products.

1- The Squeaking Syndrome

The squeaking syndrome is quite common in workplaces. Chairs & doors are often the victims, but everyone around them also suffers because of the irritating squeaky sounds. Nowadays, since workspaces have evolved into more open and less private areas, any form of noise is intrusive & annoying.

Did you know that noise adversely affects employee’s productivity, concentration levels, and creativity?


The squeaking of a chair is probably one of the most irritating sounds you can hear. Not to mention, embarrassing for the owner of the chair. Squeaky doors are another nuisance that employees do not tolerate. Especially when you’re trying to be discreet, and the door gives you away .

Squeaking often indicates that the object needs lubrication. The best lubricant is WD-40’s Specialist Silicon Spray Lubricant. It is ideal for office use, as it offers long-lasting lubrication without creating any mess. It doesn’t drip and is waterproof too. Equipped with the smart straw, it helps you lubricate the tricky areas easily and remove squeaky noises. The Silicon Spray Lubricant not only resolves the issue of squeaky sounds. But, it also prevents friction between the rubber & plastic parts of a chair. It helps to extend the service life of the different parts considerably.

2- Keep your whiteboards & glass walls scribble-free!

WD-40 Uses: How to get things working around your workplace?

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People at the workplace tend to follow the saying “don’t think it, ink it” quite seriously. Writing down goals, facts & statistics on walls and whiteboards or scribbling doodles while thinking aloud is typical practice. Cleaning these bouts of creative thoughts is a challenge without the right cleaning tools.

WD-40 helps you tackle these kinds of stains on glass, whiteboards & other non-porous surfaces easily. Spray on a tissue or piece of cloth and apply on the stained area. Let the chemical seep into the stain and then rub in circular motions to remove it. See them vanish like magic.

3- Keep the chairs rolling with WD-40!

Rubber wheels in chairs allow for easy movement. The inner child in all of us pushes us to enjoy the spinning & sliding movement of chairs quite often. But the regular & continuous use of these wheels results in wear & tear. And the convenience becomes a struggle when these wheels stop working. Therefore, after cleaning the wheels from clogged dirt, hair, and other debris, use some WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant. It will enhance the life of these wheels and keep them protected against wear and tear.

4- The Office Elevators

Elevators in offices are a hub of activity. Besides witnessing the comings & goings of people, it also serves as a spot for meeting & making new acquaintances beginning with salam & the head nod. Most commercial elevators feature stainless steel construction, an extremely durable metal that generally requires minimal upkeep. However, you need to degrease & clean every elevator; to ensure safe operation and a clean environment for passengers.

WD40’s Fast Acting Degreaser helps you remove dirt and grime residues that tend to accumulate because of the ongoing use of elevators. It will ensure that elevators keep functioning optimally for long periods.

5- Tea & Coffee Stains

We have all been guilty of spilling tea & coffee at the workplace in our haste & sometimes mistake. And if you cleaned tea stains at your home, then you must be aware of how stubborn they can be. It leads to you sympathizing with the poor peon, who looks undecisive between giving you or the stain the death stare. But WD-40 rescues you in this tricky situation as well.

Recommend using WD-40 for stain removal and see how the death stare transforms into a happy smile. We have explained the process of removing tea stains in detail. The same method can be applied to coffee stains too.

Become the office hero & get things working at the workplace with WD-40. Let us know about your experience.