For many people, winter is THE time of the year. However, even they cannot deny the fact that winters come with a lot of additional chores. Such chores have got the potential of ruining your winter season if you don’t handle them the right way. This is where WD40 comes into the picture. Here’s how WD-40 can help this winter season:

Waterproofing Your Shoes

Are you having second thoughts about wearing your shoes out into the snow? Are you worried about the snow ruining your beautiful trainers? If you are then you should know that there’s no need for you to invest into an expensive weather-proofing spray. Why? Well, it’s because the good, old WD40 has got your back.

All that you need to do is spray WD40 all over your shoes and then wear them out into the snow. You may need to reapply depending how often you wear them in the snow! Test by spraying a spot on your shoes and make sure you don’t get WD-40 on the sole of your shoes or they’ll be slippery!

Preventing the Buildup of Snow

Is a big snow storm about to hit your vicinity? If the answer is yes then you should be prepared for it, right? Among the many preparations that you’ll need to make, there’s the need to ensure that the snow doesn’t buildup on the outside of your windows. While there are a lot of paths that you can take for making this happen, spraying WD-40 on the outside of your eaves and windows is, perhaps, the simplest and most hassle free. A spray of WD-40 should be enough to prevent a buildup of snow!

Removing Wax from Your Carpet

What would the holiday season be without kids mess,right? Well, with kid activities there comes the possibility of accidentally tarnishing your carpets by getting wax from the candles or glue all over them. This is where WD-40 comes into the picture with its ability of getting wax and glue off your elegant carpets. Always patch test before using on fabrics.

Keeping the Bird Feeders Free From Squirrels

Winter is the time of the year when all species—humans and creatures alike—are in the search of coziness. Squirrels are not an exception to this fact and, in their search for coziness, are often found enjoying the comforts of your bird feeders. No matter how lovely the sight might be, the fact of the matter is that the bird feeder will be unable to fulfill its purpose (of feeding the birds) while the squirrel is still there. Spraying WD-40 on the top of the feeder, however, will ensure that the squirrel is unable to make its way into the feeder. But it’s also advisable, at the same time, for you to do something nice for the little critters.

Preventing the Nests of Wasps

If you live in a house that has to deal with the nests of wasps every winter and spring then WD40 is just what you need. Spray WD-40 under the roof and all such areas where it’s usual for you to find wasp nests. And voila! You won’t have to deal with the nests of wasps for an entire year or so. Doing this will, also, ensure that there’s no need for you to knock a wasp’s nest down, once it’s already been built. Have you ever wondered what it’d feel like to have your house knocked down, huh?

Separating Stuck Glassware

In winters, as the temperature drops, you might find yourself reaching out for a drinking glass only to find out that there’s another one stuck inside it. What do you do under such circumstances? If your answer was, “use my strength!” then let’s take a moment. It’s recommended for you to squirt a little WD-40 between the two glasses, wait for a few moments and then gently pull the glasses apart. Remember to wash the glasses afterwards, though!

Storing Unnecessary Items

Winter is the time of the year when a lot of your patio items—are no longer required. Protect such items from the scourge of rust. It’s recommended for you to give them a spray of WD-40 and put them into a garage for storage, until they’re needed again!

Cleaning Coffee Stains

A discussion of winters will always be left incomplete without the mention of coffee, right? There appears to a strange romance between the dropping temperature and the love for coffee. However, there’s always the possibility of you spilling the coffee onto your clothes, right? This is where WD-40 comes in for it can be used to get coffee stain off your clothes and carpets. Get rid of coffee stains in a jiffy with WD-40! Always patch test first!

Removing Prosthetics

If you wear a prosthetic, then you must have an idea of how hard the job of getting it off can be at times, especially during the winters. However, WD40 can take care of it as well. If your prosthetic ever gets stuck, spray WD-40 at the junction and it should come off easily.

Removing Old Wax from Snowboards

Winter is the time to get your skis and snowboards out, right? However, there’s a need to get that old wax off of them. To do this, spray the base with WD40 and then scrape it with an acrylic scraper. A brass brush can then be used to clean the ski or snowboard further.

As astounding as it might sound, these uses form only the tip of iceberg for this is a LOT more that the good, old WD40 has got to offer. With that fact being considered, what justification can you possibly give for not having a can or two of WD-40, at your disposal, this winter?