As a homeowner, you’re probably concerned with the cleanliness of your house. The weekends hopefully give you more time to clean your house. Try online searching ‘ clean my house’ and see what comes up. You probably will find this or this.

When we talk about home maintenance and repair chores, cleaning often comes first. Then we might begin to look at the ways to repair the issues with the electrical fittings and fixtures.

Looking at the furniture repair and maintenance comes amongst the last few things in our priority list. After electrical fittings, appliances, cleaning, plumbing issues, air-conditioning, and more. And amongst the furniture maintenance chores, we forget something that we are all annoyed of but seldom actually do something to fix it.

That problem is the squeaking of cabinet hinges and door hinges. When you look for ways to clean my house, you sometimes forget that the squeaking is also something caused by dirt and dust that continuously enters the hinges. This makes the hinges make weird noises and also makes them hard and less runny. This is the reason you need to keep lubricating the hinges of the doors, kitchen cabinets, cupboards and even birdhouses. So every time you think I have to clean my house, this is something that you need to do in addition to the cleaning.

How to Lubricate Bird House Hinges

1. If They Are Jammed

If the hinges are too squeaky or have gotten rigid and difficult to move over time, you need to lubricate them. But before you lubricate, you need to eliminate the reason they have become squeaky for. And for that you would need to take out the dirt from the hinges. Take a can of WD-40 spray and apply the spray in good amounts to the hinges. It will not only take out the dirt and the sludge due to excess grease, but also lubricate it for future usage for a long time.

2. If They Are Rusted

The hinges also squeak and become hard if they are rusted. Or even if they do not, the rusted hinges on a birdhouse obviously look quite bad. To take the rust off, spray the WD-40 on the rusted part and scrub the metal with a toothbrush. Once you are done, spray the WD-40 again to rinse the residue off the metal hinge. It will take away to squeaking sounds and lubricate the hinges to make it move freely as when it was new.

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