An electric contact cleaner have multiple uses to offer. Simply put, electrical contact cleaners are, typically, cans that are filled with compressed air and a cleaning agent that evaporates. A number of cleaning agents (or a combination of them) can be utilized; however, isopropyl alcohol is perhaps the most utilized chemical agent for this purpose. The purpose of an electrical contact cleaner is to clean electrical components helping them function properly for a longer time.

Oil, grease, corrosion or some food substance can contaminate an electrical component. An electrical contact cleaner can effectively remove all such foreign elements. Thus, restoring components to their original states again. Contact cleaners are available in several brands, meaning that they come in variable qualities and specifications. However, a majority of these contact cleaners can effectively perform these three functions:

Contact Cleaners Clean

As had been previously discussed, contact cleaners, predominantly, to clean electrical components.  All kinds of dirt, gunk and girt from the surfaces of the electrical components can be removed using contact cleaner. But the question arises: Why is this important? Firstly, when electrical components look their best, they don’t taint the house appearance. Secondly, foreign elements—such as dirt—hamper the performance of electrical components. It’s imperative to clean the electrical components with a contact cleaner every once in a while.

The WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray provides the perfect solution for this purpose. With its advanced formula, the WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray is able to blast away all foreign elements from the sensitive surfaces of your electronics and electrical equipment. Cleaning electric components requires accuracy and precision. WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray comes with Smart Straw technology that blasts away dirt with pinpoint accuracy and absolute precision. Please be sure to follow manufacturers guidelines before using anything on electronics.

Contact Cleaner Remove Oxidation

A more important property of electrical contact cleaners lies in the fact that they’re able to remove oxidation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. A majority of electrical equipment—audio switches and sliders for example—face the problem of oxidation with their contact surfaces. One reason being the fact that these are lower voltage switches. Higher voltage switches don’t face such issues. A solution to the problem might be to coat the contact surfaces of the audio switches with gold or silver. Why would anyone do that ?? Save your hard-earned cash and escape the hassle of having to replace audio switches every now and then- Just utilize an electrical contact cleaner.

The WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray is perfect for the job. Regardless of whether the electrical component has already contacted corrosion or if it just needs protection from it. The Smart Straw function is pivotal to the cause as well, as getting solvents on such parts of electronics where they don’t belong can easily lead to disasters. A layer of the WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray will protect your electrical components from oxidation and corrosion,while ensuring safety. Please be sure to follow manufacturers guidelines before using anything on electronics.

Contact Cleaner Don’t Leave Behind Residue

One of the most important qualities of contact cleaners lies in how they leave behind little to no residue. Why is this important?  Well, for starters, you’d find yourself staring at an even bigger problem than you initially began with. The dirt and dust will stick to residue and ruin the electrical equipment. It’s important, therefore, for you to use only the best contact cleaners so that you might not find yourself in such a “sticky” situation.

The WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray is perfect for this purpose. It dries quickly and leaves behind no residue whatsoever. WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray assures that no kind of a mess will remain once the job is done.  WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray is great for many surfaces where you cannot afford to create a mess—including surfaces like plastic and rubber. What more could you possibly want from a can of spray, huh?

In Conclusion

When you bring all that a quality electrical contact spray—like the WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray—has got to offer, you’ve got to say that it’s a perfect fit for all such occasions when you need to clean your electrical equipment. From removing dirt to taking care of the damage done by oxidation—the WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray can take care of it all. The use of contact sprays might be old school, no doubt, but it’d foolish to reject old age wisdom without giving it a shot, right?