Metals are all around us. Starting from tiny objects to tools, all the way to bigger appliances, and machinery. This is why they are an essential element of our daily lives. Metals play a vital role in our houses, outdoors as well as in the factories and industries. This makes rust protection really important as metals are prone to rusting.

Understanding Metal to Avoid Rust

When a metal rusts, it is almost the same as corrosion. It loses its looks, strength and integrity. Metals that are rusted for a long time also become useless after a while. Starting from kitchen objects, you have to throw the knife away if it catches rust. Similarly, if the undercarriage of a car catches rust, the body starts to corrode and slowly eats it all up. Therefore, we need rust protection at all times especially to the more important equipment and machinery as it is difficult to replace and maintain. In addition, rust might lead the machinery not to function properly. Rust occurs when metal stays in contact with moisture for a long time. This is why we see more corrosion in the areas near the coast or sea. Or objects that are submerged under water or operate near water presence. Sometimes we see car bodies corroding from underneath, and the reason is mostly the dirt buildup that retains water and salt. Salt sprinkled on roads to get rid on the ice is also sometimes a reason.

Like all other metal objects and appliances, machinery is also quite prone to rusting and can lose its usefulness if rust protection is not done appropriately and on time. The rust can hinder the movement of the moving components in mechanical equipment and cause it to function poorly. Rust on the moving components can also make the machinery highly inefficient. The same holds true for the drill press. Therefore, you need to keep it clean and do the appropriate rust protection.

Clean the Spindle with WD-40:

Before you begin, be sure that you are aware of all the safety precautions of operating the machinery and disassembling and assembling it as you might end up hurting yourself while doing it. You also might end up ruining the equipment.

Follow the instructions on the manual to disassemble the spindle. Take a dry cloth and clean the dirt and dust on the spindle. You can also use a moist cloth to make sure all the dirt has been taken off the spindle.

Take a sand paper and rub it along the length of the spindle. It will take away the thick rust coating and you will see fresh iron starting to appear.

Then take the WD-40 spray and spray it on the spindle, use a brush to scrub along the length of the spindle. You will see the remaining rust wash away. Alternatively, you can try WD-40 Specialist Penetrant Spray is the rust is more difficult to remove.

Rust Protection on the Spindle

It is difficult to get the traditional rust treatment done on each of the smaller pieces of the machinery. This is why you can occasionally spray them with WD-40 for rust protection. It forms a layer and protects them from rusting.

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