We all know that Pakistan is an agricultural country. The agriculture sector contributes 18.9 percent to GDP and absorbs 42.3 percent of the labor force. With the government’s new & improved measures & policies for enhancement in this sector, many small and marginalized farming facilities are emerging every day. If you are the owner of agricultural lands or part of a farming facility, we would like to educate you on how to maintain & take care of the farming tools & equipment using WD-40. You will be surprised to see the versatility of our product range and the many WD-40 uses in the agricultural sector.

WD-40 offers a range of products that help you tackle & prevent everyday problems on your agricultural site or farm. Let’s dive deep and learn some unique uses of this multifaceted product.

1- Maintenance of Tractors, Spreaders & Straw Reapers:

WD-40 Uses in the Agricultural Sector

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If you have ever worked with heavy machinery, you must know that these expensive machines require regular care & maintenance to function optimally. WD-40 Multi-use product & its Specialist range help you take care of your heavy machinery in 3 ways.

  • By Lubrication:

Hot summers are favorable for crops but not for heavy machinery like tractors, spreaders & straw reapers. The internal parts of the machines heat up quite quickly, due to friction and the hot weather. This results in fires in these heavy equipment. Fire spreads quickly in full-grown crop fields and can result in some considerable damage. To prevent this, use WD-40’s Specialist White Lithium Grease to lubricate the heavy parts of the machinery. The chemical is a thick solution that is not runny and can be applied easily owing to its packaging of a smart straw can. It works well under pressure and provides long-lasting lubrication in metal-to-metal parts.

  • By Loosening up Rusted Parts:

Loosening rusted parts in heavy machinery like tractors can become a nightmare without the right tools. WD-40 comes in handy when you wish to loosen rusted nuts & bolts from tractors & other heavy machines. Spray some WD-40 Multi-Use Product product on the area and allow the chemical to sit for some time. It will dissolve the rust and loosen the part effortlessly.

  • By Removing Grease Build-up:

Grease, dirt, and grime build-up occur in heavy machinery; used in an open environment. Cleaning them on an everyday basis is not possible or even practical. As a result, you’ll need a good degreaser to help you easily remove the solid gunk. WD-40’s Specialist Fast Acting Degreaser is your ideal chemical. Spray on the grease build-up and let it do its magic. It will slowly dissolve & disintegrate the gunk, which you can clean with a cleaning rag. The Fast-Acting Degreaser helps you effectively remove dirt, grease & oil accumulation.

  • By Protecting Machines from Fertilizers:

The fertility of soil decreases over time with continuous use. Therefore, farmers use chemical fertilizers to help their crops grow. Fertilizers have many advantages, but they do have one disadvantage. They absorb moisture from the air, and their particles stick to machinery like spreaders and cause corrosion. If not cleaned properly, the erosion will spread and damage the machine. To protect your spreaders from rust & corrosion, use WD-40. It will prevent rust build-up on the machinery and ensure that it continues to serve you for many years.

2- Maintenance of Tools

WD-40 Uses in the Agricultural Sector

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Pakistani women working in fields & farms quite often use sickles & ploughs with wooden handles. These tools get splinters over time. You can prolong the life of these wooden handle tools with WD-40. Rub a generous amount of chemical on the wooden handle. It will shield the wood from moisture and other corrosive elements and keep it smooth and splinter-free for many years.

Portable power tools like shredders, mowers, etc., being used on fields & farms are a leading reason for accidents caused by electrocution. The reason being the accumulation of moisture from the environment. A can of WD-40 can help in avoiding such events. Directly spray WD-40 on the device and allow it work its magic. It ensures that all the moisture is displaced and the probability of an electric shock reduces.

Our chemicals are easy to use, convenient & versatile, making them ideal for DIY problem-solving. We hope you have benefitted from learning WD-40 uses in the Agricultural sector. Let us know of your experience.