No matter how well you have protected your metal garden gates and railings, rust keeps coming back doesn’t it? This constant enemy is brought back because the metal surfaces they form over are exposed to a plethora of elements every day. In this article, we will be introducing you to a few winter garden maintenance tips. This will help to get your garden gates back in shape.

If rust is inevitable, should we just let it be? Hell, no! All you need is the proper repairs and a regular maintenance pattern in order to prolong the appearance of your garden gates while preparing them for the long, cold winter.

Surface Protection for Your Metal Garden Gates

Rust, if you didn’t already know, is the result of ferrous metal oxidation. It is caused due to continual exposure to air and water. Some other factors include air pollutants, acid rain, acids, seawater, and salt air. Now, you can’t stop you garden gates from facing these elements, but you certainly can prepare them to face these.

Continuous exposure, will cause rust to destroy the metal gates. This is why every garden enthusiast’s first line of defense should be to protect their metal gates with coating.

Historically, we have used paint or similar forms of coatings to protect  garden gates. Although it too requires continuous maintenance. Therefore, the very first stage of your maintenance program should involve applying an initial surface coating to your metal garden gate.

Planning an Annual Inspection

All you need to keep in mind here is that some precautions are vital in maintaining the integrity of your metal garden gate. That being said, you should plan on carrying out inspections at least once every year. By doing so, you will be able to visually spot some early rust formations – which are much easier to remove. However, if they are left as they are, they will begin to cause extensive damages in no time.

Furthermore, you can also ensure that your beautiful plants are kept at a distance from your garden gates. By doing so, you can eliminate every possible contact to moisture such as from passing vehicles or even your own lawn sprinklers.


While you’re carrying out your inspections, it will also play to your advantage to clean these metal railings with soapy water using a sponge or a soft rag. You can also use a spray bottle to get into the unreachable crevices of the metal garden gate. Once you think you’ve cleaned them enough, make sure to dry the surface thoroughly using old towels.

Lastly, finish the cleaning process by applying a fresh coat of wax to protect the beautiful paintwork over your garden gate.

WD-40: Metal Garden Gates’ Line of Defense Against Rust

One of the 2000+ uses of WD-40 is to protect every metal surface against rust. By applying this liquid onto your garden gates, you will be able to penetrate the toughest rust formations and remove it easily. With WD-40 in your winter garden maintenance stash, rust better think twice before forming over your garden gate!

Make sure you test a small area of metal before applying to check if WD-40 damages it, also make sure you wash your hand thoroughly after use, especially if they have come into contact with the product.