If you are a cyclist, or even if you just love to bike around the city for fun, you would know just how much your bike means to you. A bike is not only a fun way to travel, but it’s super environmentally friendly, and is great for your health too. To keep your bike running smoothly for a long time, you should know how important it is to show it some TLC and how to lubricate your bike’s chain.

Aside from the usual cleaning and washing, bikes need a dash of extra love to keep on rolling effortlessly. And that includes keeping the wheel inflated and lubricating the chains.

Inflating the wheels is relatively simpler than lubricating the chain of a bike. You must be thinking that’s not possible. Oiling a chain is not rocket science, who can get that wrong? But you’d surprised to know how often people lubricate bike chains incorrectly.

Before getting into the right way of lubricating, let’s touch upon the best kind of lube for a bike chain. When choosing a lube, there are three factors you should consider:

  1. Whether you want wet lube or dry lube
  2. Is it hot or cold outside?
  3. How often do you take your bike out?

Choose A Lube

Lubes can be in two forms, dry and wet. Dry lube is waxy and doesn’t last too long. But it’s a good option for summers. It applies like a liquid solution but dries up into a waxy deposit on the chain. It doesn’t dry easily in the humid air of winters, so cyclists prefer wet lubricant for the cold season. Wet lube works its magic without getting dried up and lasts longer. However, it can attract dirt and grime. So be prepared for a bit of a mess. But wet lube is more durable than dry lube, which makes it the better option if you use your bike often or take it out for longer duration.

Prepare The Surface

Once you have chosen a lube. It’s time to apply it. Before actually applying the lube, clean the chain thoroughly. Use a rag to clean it or give it a good wash. After the chain is washed and dried, apply some maintenance oil using a rag. It acts like a conditioner after a hot bath.

Prepare to Lubricate

Now that you have prepped the field, get to lubricating. It’s better to use a nozzle bottle to squirt the liquid on the chain. You can use a spray bottle too but a nozzle works best with precision. The lube isn’t wasted, and it doesn’t contaminate the breaks unnecessarily.

Apply Lube

Apply the lube on the inner rollers of the chain while you peddle back using the other hand. Continue the oiling and pedaling for a few passes. Once you are satisfied with the amount applied, stop pouring more lube. But continue peddling; give it a few passes to check if the chain is moving effortlessly.

Wipe Off The Excess

The last step is to run the chain through a rag to wipe off any excess lube.

Now that your bike is ready, bike your heart out!