Silicones are a diverse family of high-performance materials that are used in various consumer & industrial products including lubricants. The reason for this is their enhanced flexibility and resistance to moisture, heat, cold and ultraviolet radiation. This is why you will find silicone-based lubricants in every handyman’s tool box and DIY kits in households. Let us explain in detail some of the wonderful functions of these silicone lubricant & the different tasks that they can perform:

1- They Can Lubricate Almost Everything

As their name suggests, one of the biggest benefits of silicone-based lubricants is their ability to lubricate almost anything. Regardless of the fact that the material is rubber, plastic or metal—silicone-based lubricants can take care of them all. Because of their slippery nature, they are effective for lubricating different kinds of items and mechanisms. Lubrication helps prevent friction in between parts which are in contact with each other like the metal parts of a machine. Reducing friction helps in loss of energy, prevention of heat build-up & thus ensures smooth functioning of the machine.

How WD-40 Silicone Lubricant Makes your Life Easier?

Source @WD40

How WD-40 Silicone Lubricant Makes your Life Easier?

Source @WD40

You can use them to lubricate door hinges & stop them from squeaking. Stubborn locks can be easily unfastened using lubricants. Chassis in the engine & guns can also be lubricated using these products. Zippers of bags, clothing & upholstery will function smoothly with a spray of silicone lubricants.

2- They Can Protect from Moisture

Another benefit that silicone-based lubricants offer is their ability to protect from moisture. They form a protective layer when sprayed on a material. This layer repels water & acts as a barrier between the surface & moisture.

Moisture is the biggest enemy of materials especially metals. The reason being that it promotes corrosion & rusting which damages & tarnishes a metal surface rendering it completely useless. Therefore, silicone-based lubricants protect surfaces especially metal ones from moisture & thus prevent corrosion & rusting. Not just metal surfaces, but moisture accumulation affects other surfaces too.

3- They Can Help with Storage

Have you ever put something into storage and then regretted your decision later? Have you ever seen a prized possession spoiled by the wear and tear of seasons? If the answer is yes, then you should know that silicone-based lubricants can help you in this regard as well.

Before putting away any thing into storage, make sure that it has been cleaned properly. It means that you need to clean all the dirt and gunk on the object carefully. After it has been cleaned thoroughly, spray them with a silicone-based lubricant. These lubricants are resistant to moisture; heat & cold and therefore, they are able to protect your stuff from extreme temperatures, corrosion & rusting. WD-40 Silicone Lubricant dries fast and it repels dust & dirt too. This ensures that your stuff will stay moisture free & dirt free for long periods of time.

4- They Can Aid with Maintenance

If you want your tools, equipment and vehicles to service you for long years, then it is pertinent that you take care of their maintenance & servicing. Continuous use & the environmental changes result in general wear & tear which can be prevented with timely maintenance calls. Silicone-based lubricants help your maintenance also. Whether it is your car engine or garden tools, silicone-based lubricants can be used for a variety of jobs & purposes.

After you have washed your car, you can apply silicone lubricant on the underside of the car & all other areas which tend to rust easily. Before putting your tools in the toolbox, make a habit of applying silicone lubricant on them. This keeps them from corroding & protects wooden handles from splintering. WD-40’s Specialist Silicone Lubricant doesn’t stick and it leaves a clear non-staining layer. Thus, it will do its job without making a mess.

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