While providing a soft surface for your friends and family to relax over, your beautiful carpet tends to end up with quite a lot of dirt stuck inside. Quite a lot of us parents even have kids going at their crafting project over the carpet. Forgetting to realize the fact that any kind of adhesive can really ruin the texture of your carpet.

If this has already happened in your case, then you’re probably on the lookout for web pages about glue removal from carpet, right? Well, you can stop looking because our guide is as easy as it will get. So let’s get to it right away.

1. Removal of Craft Glue from Carpet

Have your children have spilled some craft glue on your prized carpet? The first thing you can do is to remove as much as possible using a cloth or rag. Even if the glue has dried, you can try and remove as much residual glue as possible. For dried glue, we would recommend that you use a dried towel. Also you can even use warm water so that the glue can soften easily.

Next up, you could either use distilled white vinegar, dish soap or WD-40 to remove the entire stain as if it never existed. In either case, you need a liberal amount of a solution. To use dish soap and white vinegar pour them out into a bowl. You may choose to apply the WD-40 directly. Please make sure you test a discreet area of carpet before applying to prevent any damage to the carpeted area.

Let either solution sit for about 15 minutes before you begin gently scrubbing at it and make sure you don’t try too hard because you don’t want the wet glue to go deeper into the carpet. Now all that will be left to do is pat the spot dry with a clean and dry cloth and check the stain after a few minutes. The carpet should feel as soft as it was before.

2. Removal of Super Glue from Carpet

There is no doubt about the fact that when you choose to act on it, the super glue would have dried off. Even if this is the case, you should do exactly what you did in the case of craft glue and try to remove any excess super glue from your carpet.

Next, we can move onto the glaze of super glue and begin applying WD-40 onto a clean cloth or cotton ball to apply on the stain. Once the whole affected area has been blotted out, simply pull the adhesive out of your carpet.

What’s left to do now but let your carpet dry naturally or pat it down with a dry towel. Now go ahead and walk over the area that was stained and you should feel nothing but softness where the super glue was. It’s as easy as one, two and three right?

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly if they come into contact with the product.

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