Does the sight of grease in your bathroom make your frown lines more prominent? Do you get sleepless nights thinking about the messy grease stains in your kitchen? Are you afraid to open your tool box because you will be welcomed by the ghastly sight of grease laden tools?

Well, if the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then WD40 is your savior. Its degreaser spray helps you fight & remove grease in the most unlikely places. It makes cleaning so much easier. Check out some of the examples given below to see the Degreaser spray in action.

Use of WD40 Degreaser Spray in the Kitchen

We Pakistanis love greasy and oily food. It is no wonder that our stoves, kitchen cabinets, microwave ovens, ovens and even the kitchen counters accumulate grease stains so easily. WD40’s Degreaser Spray helps you clean and remove these grease stains without any hassle.

Uses of WD40 Degreaser Spray

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Simply spray on the grease stain, let the chemical sit for a bit. Then remove the grease with ease and wipe the surface down with a cleaning rag. While using the degreaser spray in the kitchen, be careful not to contaminate any food items or drinks. It is best to either cover or remove eatables and drinks before doing this.

Use of WD40 Degreaser in the Bathroom

Overtime and continuous use of bathrooms leads to gunk accumulation on bathroom walls and cabinets. It is definitely not a pretty sight and should be dealt with on immediate basis. WD40 degreaser spray helps you remove this dried off gunk easily. You will be surprised to see that your bathroom surfaces look as good as new and there are no signs of grease anywhere.

Uses of WD40 Degreaser Spray

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Using WD40 Degreaser on Windows & Blinds

Windows and blinds gather a lot of dust because of our dusty environment. If they are not cleaned properly and thoroughly on a regular basis, the dirt and dust form a thick layer of gunk which becomes a bit difficult to remove. WD40’s degreaser spray comes in handy during this situation. Use it to get rid of the accumulated dirt & gunk. Then clean the windows & blinds with a clean cloth to get a squeaky-clean surface.

Clean Greasy Tools using WD40 Degreaser

Even the simplest tools can empower people to do great things.

Tools empower us, but if we want to ensure they continue to function optimally for years; then we need to take care of them. Maintaining tools and degreasing them regularly is a practice of every connoisseur handyman. WD40’s Degreaser Spray helps you take care of all aspects of cleaning. Whether it is a rudimentary maintenance job or a thorough cleaning job, you can do it with this small yet powerful degreaser spray.

Clean Greasy Pots Using WD40 Degreaser

How many hours did you spend removing oil stains at the back of your non-stick frying pan? How long did you plan to scrub the base of the pot with the gravy stuck on it?

What if we told you that you can clean these messy grease stains with 1/3rd of the effort that you normally spent? Would you believe us?


Thought so! Well why don’t you try and implement what we are about to teach you WD40’s Degreaser spray works its magic on greasy pots as well. Apply the degreaser on the greased-up surfaces and allow it to sit for some time. Then use a moist cleaning rag and scrape off the grease without any difficulty. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash your utensils after this with water and liquid dishwash/dish soap. Because degreaser chemical is not edible and any remnants of the chemical might result in serious health problems. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the pots and pans after using the degreaser spray on them.

Remove Blood Stains from Fabrics

If you’re a nurse and come in contact with bloodied patients on a regular basis, then you know how difficult it is to remove blood stains from clothes. However, we are pleased to tell you that WD40’s Degreaser spray will solve this problem in a jiffy. You need to apply the degreaser on the area drenched in blood and then wash the fabric immediately. Continue to repeat the process multiple times till the stains are gone. The degreaser spray works its magic in lifting the stain off your fabric. Do keep in mind that you need to wash the fabric straight after you’ve applied the degreaser. You cannot allow the chemical to sit for long.

Clean mess made by Pets

If you’re a pet lover, then you surely know that pets can be messy. Cleaning their vomit, feces and urine is nobody’s favorite job. But there is no need to worry about it. Grab your bottle of WD40 Degreaser Spray and remove those stains quickly and easily. No need to be made at your pet for the mess he made.

Wrapping up!

We are pretty sure that now you’re convinced too that degreasers can pretty much do it all. WD40’s Fast Acting Degreaser performs multiple functions and helps you tackle grease/grime removal, rust prevention and much more. Always do a patch test of the product on a small area first. Don’t forget to read the manufacturers guidelines too. If there are any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us.