The simple answer is, well, yes. People have even gone so far as coming up with their own formulas of homemade penetrating oil. Of course, we are going to be talking about penetrating oil products like WD-40.

The longer and more detailed answer is that there are some proven uses of penetrating oil and they should be used to answer your question, “Does penetrating oil work?”So let’s look at those uses of penetrating oil products like WD-40 that actually work.

1. Lubrication and Loosening Stuck Parts

The most obvious and common use for penetrating oils is something car enthusiasts will agree upon. These products are used in order to loosen the mechanical parts of the car that may have gotten stuck because of rust, corrosion or some other deformity.

Penetrating oils works easily on the smallest of crevices and gaps over a surface and can enter all those generally hard-to-reach areas.

Other than simply loosening stuck parts, you can also use such products to separate 2 stuck parts. These oils have very low viscosity and they will continue to lubricate the parts because they have no resistance.

2. As A Cleaner

Another common function of penetrating oil products is that they are great cleaners and extremely effective against corrosion. There are many penetrating oil products in the market and they may have varying effectiveness against corrosion. By far WD-40 is perfect for the job. Among some of the things penetrating oils are great at cleaning up are dripped varnish, permanent markers, chewing gum, tars, spray paint, and the many kinds of greases.

3. Quietening Noisy Parts

If you have a noisy suspension in your car or just a very annoyingly scary squeaky door hinge, then all you need is WD-40 penetrating oil. This product can help you reduce the friction and heat where it is applied. This will, thereby, reduce the overall noise when parts come together.

Another reason why parts begin to make so much friction and noise are because of the fact that they have formed corrosion over their surface. Well, it is not much of a coincidence that penetrating oils can help remove rust and corrosion as well.

4. Prevention Against Corrosion/Rust

The penetrative film made by WD-40 can also have a secondary function than just lubrication and loosening parts. This film is going to stick around for quite some time. This will result in the particular part preventing rust formation and corrosion for as long as it’s there.

Essentially, penetrating oils are great in providing resistance against the most common causes of rust and corrosion – namely, salt and water. The anti-corrosive coating left behind by penetrating oils also act as a water repellent. Hence, should become an integral part of every routine maintenance that involves moving parts.

Please be sure to test WD-40 on any materials before applying, also please be sure to wash your hands thoroughly if they come into contact with the product.