Everybody who is used to pulling out the old toolbox must have encountered rust a couple of times now. Those tools that had minimal build-ups of rust may have remained. Those that would seem beyond salvage would have ended up in the trash. Well, we would like to tell you that there is no need to throw away those rusted tools. There is no such thing as an unsalvageable rusted tool.

Here is our guide on how to clean rusty tools with different strategies. The strategies differ according to the type of item you plan on working with.

How to Clean Rusty Tools

Sanding Away the Rust

If you think this is the simplest method on the list, go ahead. Equip yourself with a bucket full of warm water and some grease-cutting dish detergent. Pour some of the product into the bucket full of warm water and submerge whichever rusted tool you have in this mixture.

Now you have the option of using softer tools like rags or sponges. You can also choose abrasive items like wire brushes or steel wool for the job. While the object is submerged, use your tool of choice to begin scrubbing inside the mixture until you see that the rust is gone.

Once you’re done, all you will have to do is dry the items or continue the process until you are satisfied.

Submerging Items in White Vinegar and Salt

If you are working on smaller tools like rusted nuts and bolts, then you might as well just submerge them in a glass or bowl of white vinegar altogether. You can then choose to either rub the steel wool on them or later when the rust formations have loosened.

Next remove the loosened flakes of rust from your tool, then make sure that you rinse it with warm water. This is a necessary step because white vinegar can be quite damaging for metal objects. You can also choose to add salt to the solution to work as a catalyst in your home experiment.

Spraying WD-40 on Them

If none of the above strategies seem to work in your benefit, then it is time for you to pull out something stronger. WD-40 is a multi-use product; one of its uses is to remove rust from any metal surface and prevent it from forming the same problem anytime soon.

The instructions are quite simple: you will have to spray some WD-40 on the rusted surface and let it sink in for a couple of seconds. Now, if you wipe over the rust, you’ll see the rust slide off easily without anything left behind. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly if they come into contact with the product.