We Pakistanis love to reuse empty achar and jelly bottles. But we dread removing labels off from them. What if we told you that we can help you remove these label stickers quickly and without much effort?

Don’t believe us! Read on and learn some tried and tested ways to remove stickers from glass surface easily & quickly.

Before you go all in with our DIY solutions, we recommend checking the strength of the label sticker. As some tend to come off with a little pressure applied on their edges. Though, you will be left with a sticky gummy residue. But don’t worry, our tips will work on getting rid of the residue too.

Ways to remove stickers and their residue from glass surface:

We are going to show you some interesting and hand on ways to remove stickers quickly & effectively.

Option #1: Scrape Off the label

This technique needs to be used with a lot of care because you don’t want to damage your glass surface. Take a putty knife and try to gently scrape off the sticker residue without applying much pressure. The best way to do it is start from one end and then move slowly upwards with repetitive scrapes.

Option #2: Dampen with Warm Water

Did you know that warm water works like magic for removing stickers and their residue from various surfaces including glass? The heat from the water softens the bonds of the glue and the viscosity pushes all the remaining traces away.

If you’re removing stickers from glass bottles and jars for reuse then a little pro tip is to add dishwashing liquid in warm water and allow the object to sit in it for some time.

Option #3: Dissolve Leftover Residue

Rubbing Alcohol can also be used to dissolve leftover residue from stickers and duct tape. But we recommend doing a patch test before using it on the affected area. It dissolves the adhesive chemical that holds the surface together.

Some scraping may be needed while using rubbing alcohol, as it is volatile and evaporates quickly. You can use a cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol instead of directly spraying it on the residue. This will allow you more time to remove the sticker and thus avoid scraping completely.

Option #4: Using WD-40 to Remove Stickers and their Residue

WD40 is a multipurpose lubricant. It works like magic for removing stickers from glass surfaces. All you need to do is spray some MUP WD-40 on the intended area and let the chemical sit for some time.

How to Remove Stickers from Glass?

A little pro tip is to cover the entire sticker area with WD-40. Now grab a sponge or cloth and remove the sticker and its residue easily. The gunk will just glide off the surface.

Option #5: Heat it up!

Heat can be used as an alternate way to dissolve stickers and their residues, if you do not want to use any chemical or water on the glass surface. However, this method requires a little extra effort.

Crank a hairdryer and work your way around in small sections. Don’t forget to hold it several inches from the intended surface. The heat dissolves the adhesive and then you can slowly peel the sticker away.

You have now officially become an expert in how to remove stickers from glass. Apart from this, if you have encountered glue falling on carpet, there are ways to remove glue from carpet too. Just try out our tips and let us know your experience.