When metal stays in contact with moisture for a long time, it catches rust, and damages it. Rust can happen to metals of all kinds, tools, outdoors furniture and metal fittings such as wire screens, car bodies or anything metal. If you leave it there, it becomes a source of wear and tear, and will corrode the object and destroy it in no time. The same goes for the metal wire screens on the windows and door. Especially if you live in an area with too much moisture, they can have relatively shorter lives.

Today, we will tell you tricks for rust removal from metal wire screens

Lemon Juice and Salt

Pour and rub salt on the surface you need to remove the rust from. Once you are done, pour some lemon or lime juice onto it and leave it there for one or two hours. Once that time has passed, scrub it using a steel wool or a rigid brush. If the metal is prone to scratches, you might want to scrub a little harder using a softer tool such as cloth.

Baking Soda

Make a paste of baking soda and water in a bowl. Apply the paste to the rusted area and leave it to sit there for some hours. After the time has passed, scrub the paste of using a brush. Rinse the area with clean water and you will see the rust wash away. Wipe the area with a dry cloth to absorb any moisture.


Vinegar is one known to be a good natural cleaner. It will also remove the rust like any other material mentioned above. You can use it to remove rust from any material with ease, including your metal wire screens. The method is the same as the above two solutions. You can dip a clean cloth in vinegar and apply it in good amounts on the wire screen. Leave it on for some hours and then scrub it with steel wool. Rinse with clean water to wash up the residue.

WD-40 For Rust Removal

This is the most versatile and convenient of all the other methods. One reason is that it can just be sprayed on, rather than having to soak cloth in the solution for application. Another good reason is that it will not require you to leave it there for hours or days (depending on how bad the rust is). You should only need to spray it, wait for a little while and then scrub the rust off using a brush, like you would do for any other method.

If the rust is quite bad, continue to repeat this method until all the rust is gone. To remove all rust residue, use some WD40.This will reduce the risk of water becoming the cause of rust again. It will also serve as a protective layer on the wire screen to prevent it from rust for a long time